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Research paper

Golden lion tamarin is a small monkey, whose face looks like a lion face, because it has golden collar around its head. The golden lion tamarin is one of many endangered species. Most of them live in the forests rain habitat and mostly they live in Brazil near the coastal amd they only live in Brazil;no other country has them. The problem is that in Brazil the population is increasing and with more people who tend to go to live near the coastal, they cut down the trees,they make places and farms for them to live on,so that puts the golden lion tamartins in danger along with other species. The first cooperation to protect the golden lion tamarin happened in the early 1970s between the National Zoological Park (Washington) and tge Rio de Janeiro primate center. (Waza.2006).

First of all, there are many people who get benefit from animals in many ways, and explit them to get benefits under the terms of buisness, and that does not benefit the environment. For example there is a kind of animals like the white tigers which being are kiled and then the people tend to take their fur. Also there are many animals which are being captured by people who do not belong to some organization, and that means these animals will go away from their habitat and that leads to the end of the species group. The end of the species other than the climate change and disease and like these big dangers is the distribution. The World Association of Zoos, when it talks about the lion tamarins situation, states that "Its current distribution is now severely reduced. It is now extinct in Espirito Santo, and in Rio de Janeiro it is restricted to four municipalities: Silva Jardim, Araruama, Cabo Frio and Squarema." (2006,Para 1) and that indicate one of the most important reasons that put the species indanger which is the hunting and taking away of the animals from their habitat. Also, there are many people who hunt the animals who do not know what will happend after they do such a thing; they participate in increasing the danger to the human being as well as the animals. For example there is a forest that has wolves in it and other species and animals, but when the people try to hunt and kill the wolves, the life in this area will be in a bad situation because the wolves maintain the life in this area as it should be, and this is the natural life in the forest. In addition,the lion tamarins have a difficult situation in Brazil, because the forest almost covers big regions in this country, especially in the coastal regions, so it is not easy for the government to maintain and keep the forest from the people. Also, the population in Brazil makes the situation more difficult, because there may be some people who tend to live near the coastal and depend on the tropical forest life and that may lead to the extinction of the species.

Second, they should be living in the zoos if there was climate problems or other problems. The best example of this solution is what happened between the National Zoological Park (Washington), Smithsonian Institution and the Rio de Janeiro Primate Centre in the early 1970s (2006, para,2). This solution benefit all the sides, which are the Rio de janeiro center and the Nation Zoological Park and the lion tamarin, and in fact the species is the ones which will get the most benefit from the solution. When we put the animals in a zoo, that also will increase the zoos economy. The most important thing is that they must study the golden lion tamarin habitat and behavion. Also the cooperation between various countries, especially those which are related to the species life, is mostly successful as what the National Zoological Association states :"The program has expanded since then to cover multiple aspects of Golden lion tamarin conservation, habitat management and restoration, research on genetics, behaviour and natural history of wild tamarins, an international captive breeding program, reintroduction of captive born tamarins into previously unoccupied forests, translocation of wild born individuals and both local and international conservation education programmes" (National zoological,2006) and that means they do not just take the animals to the zoos but also study the behaviour about them and their habitat and try to provide them with the facilities they need and use in the forest. All of that will fall under the benefit of the economy like what happened in many countires when they took golden lion tamarins form Brazil and the amount of US $38,000 was raised during the fiscal year 1999/2000 (2006,para.3). Also it is the easy way to keep the species in zoos, and evacuate them from the danger. The Associated Press states that "You could fit all the surviving members of the 25 species in a single football stadium; that's how few of them remain on Earth today," and that explains how the species that are endangered live today; when we gatehr particular species in one environment then we will protect them from many things and then that may lead to the reintroduction of the species.

Thirdly, there should be specialized people who are concerned about the species to carry the responsiblity. (Rick,r.1997) states that " Scientists in Brazil studied the habits of these tiny rare monkeys. They discovered that tamarins live in small family groups, partway up in rainforest trees. The animals are busy during the day--caring for their young and searching for fruit and small creatures to eat. At night, they curl up together to sleep in tree holes. Without the forest, the little monkeys cannot survive" and that indicated that the most people who are concerned about the animals and species in the right way and know their habitats are the scientists and people who know how to deal with the animals, and this leads them to know what they are doing during each season and how they live. This information will benefit the species at first, because when they are in danger the specialized people will help them and put them in an environment that is at least like how they were living in the forest and their habitats. Moreover, there must be other organizations that help to improve the species' lives whenever they are endangered. For example people who are concerned about the climate change mostly go to check and make confirmation about the climate in some forests and especially if they heard there are some species that tend to die then they go to find out and check the climate and the weather. Also, when particular species tend to die or become endangered, there must be some people who know if there are the same species that exist in other areas or countries in order to gather them and put them together as part of reintroduction.

Opponents to conservation and prevention of hunting claim that the hunting is not a big reason to make the species be in danger; however,they are wrong ,because they only look at one side, which is theirown and what is most interesting is how they will get the benefit from this hunting, and how they will bring in money from hunting but thet do not know that there are many people and species that are hurting because of them.

When someone takes one golden lion tamarin and then another one does the same, they will get a temporary benefit from doing this,but this indicates the situation isbecoming worse.

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Summary Response

In the article "Save the Atlantic rainforet-living space of the golden lion tamarin" by the world Associasion of zoos amd Aquarium,they at first talk about the golden lion and describe it; they say it is a squirrel sized monkey. Also, they talk about the historical existence of many animals in Brazil and the fact that the golden lion tamarin is one of them. They mention that, and that most of this species were in Atlantic forest in Brazil. In addition, they say the golden lion distribution was in the forested coastal region from the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro to the south of the state if Espirito Santo. Now their distribution is mostly less than before. Also, they say the golden lion now is extinct in Espirito Santo, and in Rio de Janeiro it has evacuated ti four regions in Brazil. Moreover, they say the protection of the golden lion tamarin began in the early 1970s with a cooperative project between the National Zoological Park (Washington, Smithsonian institution abd the Rio de Janeiro Primate Center; since then, this program has been expanded. Moreover, they say there is a habitat managment and restoration, and that study the genetics,the behavior, and the wild history of the golden lion.

As long as the animals in the forests are important and the forests are important, the government should take care of the forests and the animals. The country should build a lot of zoos to protect the golden lion. There should be many organizations throughout the country which have the golden lion.

First of all, in Brazil especially, there are many forests, and they have a lot of animals and plants, and those kind of animals are unusual to find all ocer the world, so if the forests always being crowded, or a lot of people come into them as groups, after that they will destroy the plants and capture the animals. Also, not only are forests an environment for animals, but also the people can get many benefits from them, and they can be considered a natural resource. For example, when the forest has plants that grow fruit, then that is considered a benefit for the people around the forest.

Second the government can build zoos for the animals, but they should know the habitat that the animals are used to living in. When the golden lion are brought to the zoos, and the managment and zookeepers do not know these animals' behavior,they will be under risk. In addition,in this way the government the will get the benefit in many ways, because the golden lions are rare in the world and when they are in the zoos, the country will protect them and will get a lot of money from the consumers who will come to watch the golden lions.

Third, when a country has animal is endangered and does not exist any where else in the world but in this country, then the country should establish an organization. In Brazil the golden lion was distributed in many forests there, but then it began to become extinct in some of those forests while it still existed in the others. In this case the governmentshould carry the responsibility to protect these animals by building an organization around Brazil. Moreover, they should have to arrange it and provide it with researchers and experts and people who know how to take care of the animals and give them provisions.

In conclusion, the zoos are the best solution for the people and the animals, and they could make a big place and provide it with trees and necessary matters, and keep the animals tgere, because sometimes the small get threatened by the wild animals like the tiger and sometimes because of the climate.

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There are a lot of big companies and stores that exist around the world usually there are important secrets about their success. When a store becomes bigger and all the people become aware of its importance; they will continue buying items from these stores as long as they do not exceed their rights. Wal-Mart is a big store that is a controversial subject around the United States, and there are people who have on unfriendly attitude toward Wal-Mart and there should be some side is causing problems.

In big cities Wal-Mart owners can do whatever they wanted, because it does not annoy the people who live there, but Wal-Mart should not open in small cities, and it should warn their businesses. Wal-Mart does not give their employees their rights. Wal-Mart has to deal with its employees equally and reward the good employees for their effort.

First of all, in small cities the people mostly depend on their own business to live, and they react with each other, but after this routine comes a person that attacks them by decreasing their opportunity of the benefits of their business. According to Jacobs (2005,para.1) ” Some Murphysboro and Carbondale residents are protesting a new Wal-Mart supercenter in Murphysboro because they fear it will destroy the town’s small business and the quality of life for some of its citizens” and that indicates that there are many people in this small town aware of the coming warning, and so that will change the people’s lives in a bad way, because there will be only one resource they will depend on.

Secondly, Wal-Mart does not treat its employees in the right way. Wal-Mart customers get the benefit from the store more than the employees. Also, although Wal-Mart has 1.3 million US employees, it only has given health insurance to a small percentage of its employees (UFCWIU,2005). Moreover it is not right to provide it for the others because the health insurance is the most important thing that protects the employees and saves their lives and their families’. Also, Wal-Mart’s employees do not have a high salary, and they are in a potential position of getting sick any time, so it is one of their rights to have the health insurance.

Thirdly, Wal-Mart is a big store, so they have to know that equality between the employees is well demanded. In addition, women’s right is a subject that many people have concerns about. “Women comprise 92% of Wal-Mart’s cashiers, but only 33% of its managers (Drog,2003.P.10); that means there are some issues going on in Wal-Mart and the women there do not get their right to be in a high position, regardless of their efforts. Also, they mostly give the management to the employees who have the most affective efforts. When the women stick in a specific place and their salary is lower than the men who do not deserve better salary than them then, the women have the right to criticize the owners.

The people who support Wal-Mart say that, we should appreciate this store by giving the people what they want at low price. However they are wrong because it is a temporary time we will be happy with the low price but the low price is not everything, and does not mean the store would be successful if they lower their prices. There are many things more important than the prices, such as the treatment between the employees, the quality of the items, and other things. Wal-Mart has been reached an unbelievable stage of gains and profits but even when the price is still low and the company treats the employees in a bad way, in this case the effect will be even on the customers, because maybe the employees will not treat them in a friendly way.

In conclusion, Wal-Mart is in an important position and they should know that so, any step they take or any mistake they cause will be discussed by the entire country.There are a lot of things wrong with the store, and they can correct them without losing their profits; at first they should look after their employees and make sure all of them are happy and feel comfortable about their situation, because if they could not pleasure their employees, it will affect their customers.

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summary response

In the article " Back to the wild - how scientists are trying to protect the endangered golden lion tamarins of Brazil from extinction" written by Ellen Lambeth, it talks about the golden lion tamarians in the forests of Barazil in South America. The author states a question about the golden lion tamarians and it says why do they need help? and try toexplain their trouble. Also, the author says these kind of monkyes are indanger because the forest where they live has been shrinking and being smaller faster and because of that they are extincting. In addition, the author says the forests are being cutting down in Brazil and there are a few small forests but also they are indanger of getting of the path. Moreover, the author claims that one of the reasons that the golden lion tamarians being indanger because many people love to capture them from the forests. Also the author states that the scientists in Brazil study the habit of these monkyes and discovered that, the golden lion tamarians are always busy during the day and then they sleep at night in holes above the trees, as well as they usually live in rainforests and the tiny golden lion can not survive without this environment. Also, he says there are a Brazilian scientist who passed a law against the capturing of animals and suggested to protect the animals and the golden lions include them. The author says the scientists in Brazil after seeing the difficulty of gathering the golden lions in forests then they put bunch of them in zoos but they found problems for the monkeys to have babies in zoo so they born to be wild.

There first solution for these monkeys born to be living in theire homes so, the governments should provide better systems to protect the forest. There should be helping between countries in the golden lions tamarians case. Also, there government should provide good environment for the citizens.

First of all, In any kind of problem the government has the better position to solve the problem or at least reduce its effects. The government can put forestkeepers in order to protect the forest, because when we see this case we will feel that the ones who are responsible of the extinction of these monkeys are the people around them. For example as there are zookeepers it is most logical to put the keepers in the forests not in the zoos. The government also can get the benefit of these forests instead of letting people doing what they want in it, for example, they can do journals in the forests and provide them with other things like putting tents for people to spend time in and then watch the animals and enjoy their time instead of putting the animals indanger.

Secondlly, When a country get a problem especially about species lives and they do not have a good environments for these species then the best solution is the international cooperations. Like the dealing with the poverty problems and when the rich countries help the poor countries by giving them money and other helps, the country that does not have good environments should send the animals for other countries. Moreover, the zoos are a small example of this solution, when the people capture the animals and put them in the zoo and provide them good food and taking care of them may be this environment is better for some animals than their homes especially those who are not wild animals. The golden lions are not one of those animals who easily live in zoos because they born to be wild so the best solution is to send them to other countries that have forests.

Thidlly, if the people are one reason of many which cause the extinction of the golden lion then we should find the solution for people and see their desires. Also, the government should provide good environment far away from the forests. For example, the government give the citizens homes in the town, and should try to move the people away from the forests. Moreover, the government can improve the towns environments in many ways like building new malls and making people being busy from going out of the towns by putting schedhulls of activities for the countries.

In conclusion, There are many animals that are indanger and the most significant reason is the changing in the climate but there are always solutions even if it is not perfect but we as human being should take care of every thing around us so the cooperation between the countries considered animals rights. These kind of monkeys have to live in forests so their case push the government which involve the problem to find solutions by any way and the countries around should also make the cooperation easier and make organization to protect the animals lives.

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global warming

In this article “Global warming threatens millions of species” written by Shaoni Bhattacharya, he talks about the global warming and its danger. He says that global warming may cause the extinction by 2050 to a quarter of land animals and plants and this is an international study. Also, he says the worst thing which may happens is between third to half a land of animal and plant species will face extermination. He claims that the prediction come from disappear of models over 1100 species which cover a fifth of the earth’s land. Moreover, Moreover, he says that there is a study by Chris Thomas and other colleagues in the University of Leeds and they try to evaluate the impact on species of mild. Also, the author says that the previous studies have looked only at effects of global warming on individual species, but the new study is most complete.

To protect the plants and species,we should arrange many organizations, we should make some people study about the environment and the global warming, we should warn people of the coming danger.

First of all, in an environment that has a good position and good situation to avoid all the problems that will be better than environment that has not ability to deal with small problem. The global warming is a huge dangour and problem that warn the world of accuring any time. Also there should be organization in the environments which prepare any time to deal with the global warming, instead of study the global warming in schools and read about it the best way of avoiding it is build these organization at least to know how to deal with the plants and animals. In addition, we can build these organization and attract people to join as well in order to awarn them and build a society that carry the responsibility for every species on the earth. Moreover, in the organizations we can also build an environment that provided with high environmental things to keep the species in there in order to avoid them of the global warming.

Secondly, instead of just studing the problem and knowing it the best thing is specialize some people to study this problem from the begining. For example if some one study about the environment we apoint him to focus on the global warming in his study in order to become expert in the problem. Also, after studing the problem these people can protect the world and increase many things in the world,such as the economic because when there are animals we can get the benefit from them in many ways and that part of the economic resources. Moreover, they can study the environment where the species that indanger live so that they may have a good solution for these species to take, for example take the topsoil from part of these environmet and study it then try to do or provide a solution to the species.

Thirldy, when a dangour is coming there should be announcments in all over the world. The environment that potentially indanger of the global warming its people should know the global warming and how to protect the species. When the people ignore the threat of the global warming and consider it as a threat that just for the plants and animals then the only ones who will be hurt are the people because we can not live without the species. Also, there are many people who loveto grow plants or people who have animals with them but do not feel the importance of the problem but when they involve in the issues then they will struggle to know the problem and how to avoid it and get rid of it.

In conclusion, there are some issues and problems that mostly happen and we can not stop them of happening but we should know how to get the less hurts. Even if there are a problem that just hurt the species and does not hurt us that much we should struggle to avoid it because these species considered of the most important natural resources and the global warming may lead it to be nonrenewable resources. In addition, there are many ways of limiting the problem danger regardless of how the problem greatness is. The best environment and the responsible environment that is the environment which willl get the less hurts.

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The Golden lion Tamarins

When you hear this name, the golden lion tamarins, you will be surprised because it means a monkey that has gold color and has a collar like the lion has. The golden lion lives in heavy populations like the coastal region of Brazil. About 1500 golden lions live in the coastal region of Brazil and 450 live in the zoos. People who go to the forest are capturing them. Also, they are being threatened by the global warming. In addition, there is conservation efforts that began in the early 1970s and that was an agreement between the national zoological park in Washington and the Rio de Janeiro primate center. The golden lion tamarin began to become extinct and disappear from the forests and there are not many of them in the world.
There are many reasons that cause the extinction of species, such as global warning, and the golden lion is endangered because of the effects of them. There should be collaboration between the countries that have endangered species and the international community. There should be a strong system projecting the forests and its species. The governments should think about many ways that bring the benefit from the forests and its species.
First of all, there should be cooperation and collaboration between the countries. The other countries can help the countries that have endangered animals by taking them and launching them in their forests, or putting them in zoos that are perfect for them to live in. In addition, in this way there will be protection for the animals’ lives and both countries will get the benefit of the cooperation. Moreover, this way is considered like business because the country which will help the other countries will gain money in many ways.
Secondly, the country that has the forests and the usual species should maintain them. Also, the forests are resources for many countries, so it hurt the countries when the forest is being in bad shape and people cross the forest and abuse them. In addition, the countries should consider the forests like private property, and establish a strong system and try to protect the animals and their homes before global warming and the climate problems come.
Thirdly, the government is the organization that carries the responsibility of protecting the forests and the species. The government can get the benefit of this issue in many ways. For example, they can exploit the forest and its species by arranging schedules within some activities and teach the people about the importance of the species and the forests and how the government could get the benefit when the people help each other to protect the forests. Also, they can get the benefit of the rare species they have by putting them in the zoos avoiding the global warming and gaining the money from the visitors.
The opponents of the protecting of the species claim that global warming will come, no matter what happens and what the people try to do. They are wrong because there is no clue that the global warming is happening because of natural effects. Mostly the regions that have endangered species have a lot of human activities and they have some resources being used a lot which are not renewable resources, so when we limit the use of some resources we can develop the situation in the right way and find a solution to avoid the global warming.

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Tanzania's population

In every country where there are problems in population whether it is increasing or decreasing that means a lot of other problems will come. When the population increase in country such as Tanzania it is an emergency situation. Overall Africa known as one of the most poor regions in the world. Even if they have availability at the resources in their countries but they may not be able to get the whole benefit and worth of it when they have the population problem. Also Tanzania , Kenya and Uganda ones of the fastest growing countries and they are expected to experience sharp population increasing in the coming years. In Tanzania there is a big problem which is child mortality and it is considered the fourth goal of eight goals that the government tries to solve it. In Tanzania a city called Rukwa the mortality rate was there 175 per 1000 thousands live births in 2005 and 143 per 1000 live births in 2006 (2007, P1).
According to the article, "Drop in Aids Deaths will boost EA population – UN ","A projected decline in the HIV/Aids infection rate will help make East Africa one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, the United Nations reported last week" so there should be a serious solution to this problem from the government . Also there is the poverty which helps increase the population and in this case the other countries should give Tanzania a hand to help them. In addition there are the lack of many thing in Tanzania especially the health care and there should be focus on education and its matters.

All of these problems when they happen will lead to other problems including the increasing in the population and the emigration and other serious problems. So in Tanzania it is considered as a humanity matter and many people are concern about Tanzanian people and their future. The Tanzanian problems and especially the population get special news and studies year after year so that they can know what the future will come up with because in country such as Tanzania every day a new thing will happen and every day is important regarding to their current situation.

When in unable country happens a big problem they are most likely to get hurt from this problem than the other countries which are rich or able to handle things, and one of this problem When a disease come to a particular country then they suffer from it a long time that indicates many things will happen and they are not good events. In Tanzania there is a virus called HIV/Aids, it infects many people there and " that will help make East Africa one of the fastest growing regions in the world," according to the United Nations (2007,P1). According to (Arusha Times,February 24,2007) ,"Tanzania HIV/AIDS indicators survey conducted between 2003 and 2004, shows that 7 per cent of the adults aged 15 to 49 years, on the mainland, were infected with HIV". And also according to Arshur Times,(2007, P1) " 'The epidemic is a serious threat to the socio-economic development of the country. It has serious and direct implications on social services, and in the absence of a cure and vaccine, the impact is devastating" saying by Shein an expert of East African problems. Many parts of Africa suffer from the poverty at first, then come all the kinds of problems. And this disease appear at first in Africa and it was unknown disease has appeared. And Tanzania one of countries which expected to experience sharp population increases in coming years. According to the United Nation " Tanzania's population will grow from 40 million today to 85 million by mid-century" (2007, P1). Also they estimate to live longer lives but that does not mean it is the happiness that they will live longer than other people, because they will face many problems that will occur due to the this disease. They usually only tend to get more than 3 children when the disease come to their own children and that which increase the population in the country but meanwhile there are the poverty and they still likely to get killed from the disease." Today's life expectancy - ranging from 51.5 years in Uganda, to 52.5 years in Tanzania, and 54.1 years in Kenya - will climb to more than 65 years in each of the three countries by 2050" according to the united nation new revision of global population estimates. And that indicated to huge population increasing happens in East Africa and Tanzania one of these countries. But still there are many problems going around as long as the disease is going around and as well as the increasing in the population. In this case the government should take care of its people and send them the necessarily solution to get rid of this disease because it threat the population, the government and the economy in the country.

For example when one family has more than three children and they can not afford their needed and can not take responsibility over their children especially in the financial problems that means they will suffer from the poverty at the same time they will tend to get more than three children even if they can handle it just to maintain their average and due to that the economy will get more worse than before because the consumers will be more but the worth and the money which will be spent will not be as much as the money that spent in better countries.

And all of that means there will be fertility rate even if the family can not handle it, so the government should take control of many thing in the cities and the other regions there.

The poverty in Africa especially in the East it is really big and serious problem. They tend to scheduled many conference to find a solution for this problems at least to put some programs to improve the economy or the abilities in these countries to remove the poverty. We may find these countries have the availability in the resources in their countries such as water or solar energy or even the gold in special places but this century is the oil revolution century so they tend to suffer from the poverty although they have these resources. There should be many organizations that take care of Tanzanians people in build a new hospitals. In this case it is at first a matter of humanity , we can not see some government alone suffer from these problems and stay without doing any thing, so there are many countries that try to help Tanzania so that they can get benefit in many ways not only in the humanity matters but also in the future they will get benefit from poor countries when they improve their situation because they will appreciate what the other countries have done to them.

Also there should be some organization that studies the resources situation in Tanzania and tries to get benefit from it for the government and to the economic and when they use their resources they will be able to handle their own country and reduce the overpopulation and also they can give their citizens the choices in this matter and it will not be that big problem. If we notice when we reduce the poverty then we could reduce the population and increase the economy. And the poverty increase many problems in Tanzania such as; escalating burden of hunger, malaria, HIV/AIDS. That means if the country itself just will be alone then there will be other problems like; deaths, emigration, loss great mind. According to (Arshur times, February 24, 2007) "The vice president has also launched the 2006 country's population policy to direct development of other policies, strategies and programs to enhance development sustainability and reduce poverty". That what the government and the citizens need, organized new programs observe the poverty situation in Tanzania and try to improve the country's statues and provide many policy for what they need to give to the people their in order to reduce the poverty. So we can tell these countries have their own resources and just wanted a help to get rid at first from the poverty by many things like studying the resources situation in their country. As long as there is a poverty there will be many other problems, and the poverty is the first problem that lead to the population problems whether it is increase or decrease but it has the most affect to change the population situation. So the other government at least should help them with the reduce of the poverty or even provide them with better service to live better life and that in the future will build a strong relationships between the two population of the two countries and the countries will get benefit from each other in the future.

There is also lack of knowledge of proper child care and the scarcity of healthcare facilities and also the lack of health workers (Inter Press Service,June 25,2007). In this case the government should give scholarship to the youth people and the people who want to study and have the ability to study. There is usually low education in the countries that have strong and high education level. They should give them insurance and make sure they will return to their country after finishing studying, because the country will depends on them in the future. Also when there are a lot of great minds and ability that are potentially will be the real solution in the future in Tanzania and they are mostly can figure out what to do in the future and how to use the resources then the government should deal with them carefully.

In addition, the government claims that they provide a health policy to all regions in Tanzania. On the other hand people say Tanzanians are not being reached the health service also they say the population is bigger than the government's ability to provide the service (Issac maro, The evasive goal of stopping children from dying ). In this situation the government has an awkward attitude because its citizens do not believe what it says also they doubt the government ability, so there should be help from the other countries to get the government out of bigger problem at the same time they will help Tanzanians people. Also people tend to go to long distance in order to get a medical health care they tend to go to long distance out of their cities and that lead to the child mortality because of the lack of the healthcare medical and also in other way it lead to increase the population.

In conclusion, Mostly in Africa the new kind of diseases appear and Hiv/Aids is one of them. in Tanzania there are a lot of resources and they are of the most options that make the future perfect but to get rid of all the problems and get the benefit from these resources their should be many Tanzanians citizens who obtain scholarship. In Tanzania there are some regions which have the lack of healthcare. There are many poor regions but in Tanzania there are the poverty and other problems which lead to the overpopulation. More process in studying the future and observe the resources in Tanzania the solution will be near than before.


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5-Africa news, (2007, june12) Down the Road to Neo-Liberalism

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